Offline notification

How long does Sense need to be offline before a notification is sent? I have email and push notifications checked and I didn’t receive a notification last night.

Apparently a box of chalk next to the router caused the signal to drop. Who knew? Restarted Sense then moved the chalk an everything was back to normal.

Answer is here:


Ok fair enough. I’ll disconnect it from WiFi this weekend for 91 minutes to test/verify. I’ll let you know if it send out the notification.

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Just curious, did you restart the dsense device (power off then on) ? If so from my understanding it will reconnect on its own once wifi is back and upload the missing data (not sure how long it holds). So i would recommend not restarting the sense device if it loses connection.

I did restart sense. Moments later I investigated the router because when I was in the garage near where sense is installed, the signal was less than stellar.

So restarted Sense, went upstairs, moved the box of chalk and saw that sense was working again.

It did not yet update with the missing data.

It’s been several months, maybe longer, for me. my phone just got “quieter”, given the limited usefulness of Sense, it was kinda nice.

Today I am “on hold” waiting for tech support to respond to questions about getting reconnected. My electronics closet is pulled apart, and I am waiting patiently … or not…