RESOLVED: Many False Alarms. Excessive Notifications


Hey Sense,

Everything ok with your Notifications? Getting a bit too many false alarms right now.

About to have to turn the functionality off. Equipment is fine. And Sense is actually seeing the equipment turn on in the Device and History screens.

What’s up?


I think there’s a chance Sense isn’t seeing your fridge turn back on lately. How old is the mini fridge?


Oh Sense is seeing my Mini Fridge. Their device detection is spot-on. (Kudos to Sense)

But there Notification system has gone wonky.

Sense is saying that my Mini Fridge, Fridge, and Freezer all have been off for 5 hours. Mini fridge is from 2004. But…it’s working. And Sense is seeing all my devices. (See the below pictures take just now before I typed this). The Mini Fridge is ON and Sense knows it.

Something is wrong on Sense’s end. Their first response was it was a one time issue. But now it’s expanded to three devices and continued for hours.

But it’s Friday… so I don’t blame them if they wait until Monday to take a look at the root cause.

Check out these pictures showing that my Mini Fridge is A-OK and Sense knows it.

But they keep Notifying me!


@MachoDrone Oh, I forgot to say thank you for reading my first comment and taking time to reply back. It’s great to have the help and interest.


I agree. I think something is / was up with notifications. I got about 5 “Your Fridge has been off for 4 hours” within in an hour and a half of each other. In my case, the fridge had actually been off of 4 hours, and it finally turned back on about 2 hours ago. But between the 4 hour mark (my notification limit) and when it actually turned back on, I received multiple copies of the same notifications which is not what normally happens.


I am having the same problems. It started about the same time that @rob.koekkoek noted his ‘problem notifications’. SENSE ‘device power graph’ shows my ‘Fridge’ cycling in it’s normal pattern, but I am getting multiple notifications.


@ben & @dcdyer I hope you can submit your similar issues to Sense Support. That way they know it’s something on their end that caused this issue. FYI, it’s a day later and I’m still getting notifications. I woke up to about 22. I know I could turn off the feature…but I’m stubborn.


I would encourage everyone experiencing this issue to reach out to about it. In the meantime, I’ll reach out to engineering and support to see if there is a known issue.


I have been having the same problem for a few days.


Not a major update, but an update nonetheless: looks like there is some bug here and it is actively being investigated.


A fix was just deployed and this should be resolved. Please let me know if you continue to have issues.


Thanks! So far so good!


Thanks for update @RyanAtSense.

I saw this too and figured that the fridge in the garage wasn’t running because of the recent change in temperature.

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