Add confirmed off delay time to device management

On the manage device screen I’d love an option to set a delayed off confirmation time… Where the device would be considered still ‘on’ with 0 usage for x time.

Example: Our electric stove top on medium setting pulses heat for 5 seconds with 5 seconds gaps… this results in a sense report that the stove was used 56+ times in the last half hour.

By seeing a confirm off delay time of 6 seconds sense could ignore the gaps and treat this as one use… the power meter would still show the pulses of course but notification noise would be hugely improved.

I see this as huge value to many cycling/pulsed on or off devices. Wash machines, sump pumps, juicers, blenders, slow cookers, shop tools, signal lights, etc.

The biggest benefit… Beside cleaning up the use reports… This would also make it possible to enable on / off notifications for cycled devices. And as a result of that also enable much more reliable IFTTT on those devices… Increasing value of all other features that rely on the on/off.

Hopeful and thankful.


I second this. We have several devices that do this, our stove, several bed warmers and heating pads, some warmwires to prevent water lines from freezing and to deal with ice dams… so it ends up being quite confusing if each of thousands of cycles is considered an on/off event

Thanks for the suggestion.

One way you can manage cycling devices at the moment is by setting longer ‘off’ periods for custom notifications. It’s not perfect, but it can get the job done.

For example, if I want to know when my washing machine is actually done, and not just in a period between a cycle, I’ll set an ‘off for 30 minutes’ notification. If the washer hasn’t run for 30 minutes, I can pretty well assume that it’s actually off.

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