Detecting Electric Vehicle (EV) devices



I had this happen last night as well… The initial live view showed correctly - but then it seemed to disappear off the device and only show like 38 seconds. Came on here to post my issue and it looks like you’ve already seen it! Great!


Hi Matt,

  1. The “Electric Vehicle” device is listed in my device list, but the in-app Sense Monitor is showing that it’s still under “Currently Learning.” Perhaps it still hasn’t actually been learned yet or it has multiple current draw characteristics and hasn’t been fully identified yet.
  2. This morning I warmed up my car interior (which when plugged in, will pull current from the wall). Notice that “Electric Vehicle” is listed in the “Now” bar graph, but the actual current draw is a few seconds later. That part isn’t identified yet.

I hope it doesn’t appear that I’m impatient. I’m not. Just trying to help provide feedback.




The feedback is very useful to hear, and I don’t think you are impatient at all!

If you go back and look at the onsets of your Tesla charges, you should see that little spike prior to the charge. The little spike is your Tesla drawing electricity, usually prior to the onset of charge. It’s actually quite a bit of wattage, but is short duration and will appear less significant next to the EV’s main charge.

Are you getting a lot of incorrect notifications that your Tesla is using power when it is not?

Sense Data Scientist



Unfortunately this car is not planned to be in the initial batch. However, we track all the electric vehicles that customers tell us about, especially those in responses from the email survey that we sent out on Nov 18th, and will be revisiting categories in the future.



I don’t get any incorrect notifications that Tesla is using power when it is not. Each time I plug it in, the car will actually draw some current and I get a ~21s blip of EV on my timeline. Each time the car begins to draw current again (charging or warming the interior) I see another 21s blip of EV, but none of the consumption is tracked. Just that initial blip.


Is there a date you will be rolling out the Leaf detector? Or have you already?


I think that’s called a rake :wink:


Still seeing data not being collected (or displayed) correctly.

The overview from the devices page seems to show only this first 39 seconds - incorrect usage, etc. But if I click into “Trends” - I do see full usage details:

The power meter chart shows correctly as well:

Thanks again for your work on EV chargers!



Average is only 5,000 watts? should be closer to 9,000 I’d think… between charging and warming up from shore power.

P85D?! I see how it is :slight_smile: My warranty is up March 2019, when I plan to slide into a 2017 100D.
Wife has a Model 3 on order.


Yeah - that’s one of the numbers that isn’t being reflected correctly. I actually pull 19.2 kWh (80 amps/240 volts) so I know that number is wrong. :slight_smile: But the totals are correct. Shore power for heating the car this morning was 4,400 watts.

I got bit by the “I need to upgrade” bug when the AWD and Auto pilot came out - so technically this is my third MS. I had an S85, then a P85, and then this P85D. I’m tempted with that 100D with AP2 that was just released - but I’m going to wait and see what my reservation looks like with the M3 and if Tesla really does get the legal green light to deploy autonomous driving. Either way, I wouldn’t drive anything else. :slight_smile:


When will the Chevy Volt’s be added to the list?


I’d like to second the Chevy Volt request…


We haven’t rolled out the leaf detector yet, I will post here when it is available.



Unfortunately I don’t have a time for when the Volts will be released, but it will be one of the next few.



[quote=“MattAtSense, post:34, topic:162”]
Unfortunately I don’t have a time for when the Volts will be released, but it will be one of the next few.[/quote]

I don’t know if it will make a difference for the detection algorithms, but the Chevy Volt (2016 and up) standard 120V manufacturer EVSE charger can be used with 240V with a simple adapter (wire and male and female plugs) that many Volt users are using.

It then charges at 240V at 12 Amps, rather than 8 or 12 Amps at 120V it normally does, for an effective 3 times faster charging. So it would be ideal if you detected this case as well. See 2016 Volt 120v EVSE is L1/L2 Conversion Capable



I saw that Sense was “learning” another EV - but it disappeared and I’m still getting incorrect readings. Is there an update to when this will be fixed?


Me too on the Volt. And I also would point out that there are several charging variations that could make the electrical signature look different. I could use the 110v portable EVSE that came with the vehicle at either 8 amps or 12 amps (user selectable) As has already been pointed out, I could modify it to run on 240V, and many people have done this. I could use a 240v EVSE (of which there are numerous brands, each of which might look different). I could remotely “start” the car – which initiates a sequence in which the battery and cabin are pre-warmed. I could connect the EVSE to the car and program it to delay several hours before it charges.



Sorry for the late response, I’ve been out sick. We’re still working on the issue. Unfortunately I don’t have an expected date yet.



MattAtSense, 1st of all - amazing update!
Its 2.17.17 and my sense is still not sensing my 2016 Tesla Model S…
What can I do to see it?
Doron Wesly


FYI, still no EV detection for my 2013 MS.