Device Detection Major Update: Tesla Model 3 - 1/9/19

The moment many of you have been waiting for…:drum::drum::drum:

Following our recent Chevy Volt/Bolt and Nissan Leaf EV announcements, we’re excited to announce a new device detector for the Tesla Model 3. EVs can represent a significant portion of overall usage, and based on the feedback from our customers and our data analysis, we’re know that many Sense have EVs. Sense currently detects Tesla Model S and Model X (with some exceptions due to manufacturing batch), BMW i3, Chevy Volt and Bolt, Nissan Leaf, and now Tesla Model 3.

Please note that not all Tesla Model 3 EVs will be detected right away. Initial models have begun rolling out to homes, but further work is still being undertaken. As we gather more data, models will improve and more M3s should begin to be detected.

The following remains relevant for M3 detection:

How often you use a device plays a significant role in its detection. For electric vehicles, if you don’t charge your EV at home every couple days, then Sense may not be able to extract enough examples to train a reliable EV model. For example, if you often charge your EV at work or other parking garage instead of at home, or if you often just “top off” at home rather than going through a full charging process, there likely won’t be enough examples for Sense identify detection.

Still, between the complexities of machine learning and the particularities of individual homes, even with time, Sense might not be able to detect a device. Based on specifics of other devices running in your home, or your unique usage of certain devices, certain devices can be tough for Sense to detect. EVs in particular present a unique set of challenges, due to their long-duration load profiles.

Thanks for your continued patience and feedback as we continue working on device detection.

Let us know if your M3s pop up and how they’re working out!


19 months after taking delivery of my Model X (Sense was purchased and installed a few months prior in anticipation of delivery) still no detection. Do you have parameters on the batch(es) so I can determine if I’m one of the unlucky ones?

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Great work, keep it up!

Mine was discovered last week and overall the initial identification has been solid. I have had a couple charge cycles where it loses the M3 during charge and all the KWH goes back into the other bucket. Oddly on one of those, I stopped the Tesla from charging via the Tesla App and then restarted it. Sense still didn’t find it at that point, I was too comfy on the couch to actually get up and physically unplug to see if that would re-identify.

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Any chance more EVs are going to be added soon? We have a Ford Fusion Energi and a chrysler pacifica hybrid, both phevs, and it would be really nice to know how much they cost us.


Hoping that Sense will detect my Ford Fusions Energi someday as well, but for now, I have mine on an HS110 smarplug connected to the Sense so I can see my 120V charging profile.

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I’ll second the Pacifica PVEH. Our Tesla S has been detected for a long, long time.

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We’ve been charging our model S, model X and LEAF at home for longer than we’ve had sense (a year), and our 3 since we bought it in September. Still none of these have been detected and I’m wondering what could be going wrong with that?

Great news, hope you have considered both 110 and 220 V charging.

My PacHy has been detected for now 3 months and thats cool.
I was plugging in continuously for the same reason last week with 110 but with no luck i have unplugged it, will plugin starting today.

I have my PacHy detected for now 3 months may be, what charger are you using? 110 or 220?
and i plug it every day. Just says electric vehicle though not PacHy.

For both of our cars we have a 240v charger ( and we charge every night. I’ve had my fusion for a year and the pacifica for 7 months, and neither of them have been found.

Over 2 years now with Sense & a Tesla S60D charged daily on a HPWC with no detection. Extremely disappointing.

Can’t wait! I will be diligently charging every night now.

How long does it take for Sense to detect a BMW i3? I’ve been charging with a JuiceBox for about 2 weeks (when Sense was installed) but it hasn’t been detected yet. I have another EVSE I could try but will that hinder detection or make a difference?

Down something of a rabbit hole, but will Sense detect the charging profile of the i3 (once it’s a detected device) regardless of the EVSE since the charger is really in the car?


Have had my sense up and running for 2-3 months now and its detected almost 20 devices… except for my Tesla Model S. My S is plugged in every day and usually charges at least 6 days a week - and for several hours since I usually arrive home with 50 miles or less range after work.

Its plugged into a Tesla High Power Wall Connector that is charging at 220 volts/48 amps (instead of 80). Any thoughts as to why it hasn’t been detected yet? I thought I read somewhere that the amperage is not important since its looking at the charging profile and not the number of amps.

Its a January, 2013 Model S (with 203,000 miles!)


Hoping you will soon add for Honda Clarity Plug in Hybrid.

My Tesla Model 3 was detected 4 days ago and seems to be tracking properly. Thank you sense.

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I’ll second the request for the Clarity! I just bought one.

Please reserve this thread for discussion specific to Tesla Model 3 detection. For general EV detection discussion, use Detecting Electric Vehicle (EV) devices

Model 3 identified yesterday. Everything looks great so far. I attached some photos of the app and what I am seeing.


With a variety of charge rates for various Model 3s, seen at Tesla here:

I’m curious if the Model 3 detection will handle some or all of these home charging options:

  1. Mobile Connector Bundle
    (40 amp Gen1, 32 amp Gen2 that’s included standard with all Model 3 variants)
  2. Wall Connector
    (48 amp)
  3. Wall Connector with 14-50 Plug
    (40 amp, new Jan 15 2019)

I’ve put together a detailed article with a video showing my Sense Home Energy Monitoring during the start of a 40 amp home charging session of my Model 3 LR that is actually pretty entertaining to watch, using my very new Wall Connector with 14-50 Plug (that’s already sold out):

I believe this picture will demonstrate what the video shows, at a glance.

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