Device Detection Major Update: Tesla Model 3 - 1/9/19


Great article! That’s a pretty tidy panel too!

EVSEs matter very little in detection. We’re really looking at the signature of the circuitry that’s in the car itself. That may change as EVSEs become more advanced, but it remains the case for now. Hopefully Sense picks up on your m3 soon.

And nice to see another semi-local Sense user. We’re just over in Boston and try to get users in the office for pizza and discussion. We’ll have to get you in here at some point.


Thank you, RyanAtSense! Your reply about EVSEs sounds promising, and makes sense.

By the way, I drive to the Boston area pretty regularly, and stopping by the office someday sure sounds good to me. I can easily be contacted here, and if you’re ever passing through Connecticut, feel free to reach out!


This morning, my iPhone greeted me with a push notification that my Tesla had been found, this is good!

FYI, slow charging missed:
! I did have an issue with my first very slow charging, likely just because of cold overnight temps last night, let me know if you want more details, happy to help. I can also share a detailed 27min. video of the very slow ramp-up seen in both the Tesla and Sense apps, with some screenshots below my same article (I’m unable to direct link here).

Good news!
Subsequent warmer-battery charges worked just fine, Sense picked it right up and showed realtime stats. Thank you!


For the charging session that wasn’t picked up by Sense, here’s my TeslaFi charging log.

Footnote added hours later:
Taking another look at my first successfully monitored Model 3 Long Range charging session, I see that TeslaFi shows 22 min to add 3.02 kWh, but the Sense app only shows 9 min to add 1.9 kWh.


Curious how this is going for the other M3 owners. My full charge cycle is regularly not being captured correctly (less than half the time). Sometimes the M3 doesn’t get identified at all and other times Sense throws it back into the other category part way through a charge cycle.

I’m charging with the NEMA plug. Any better results with the wall charger?


I’m still using my Wall Connector with 14-50 Plug (40 amp) and you’re right, sometimes it misses a charging session, such as when I had one going for about 3 minutes today. Admittedly, that’s kind of short, but I don’t believe it would have found it, usually it picks a session up and identifies it in well under a minute.