Device Detection Major Update: Tesla Model 3 - 1/9/19

Ryan - I have Version 2019.5.15 f5def7e

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Do you mind if I give your info over to the Support team so they can look at your data? We’re trying to compile as many houses as possible that are experiencing issues with Tesla detections, post-fw update.

yes please do.

Ryan - I dont mind. I dont like seeing the Always On and the Other bubble as the biggest in my dashboard.

Not sure if my situation is interesting for the dat science folks, but I had detection of a Tesla (I think Model 3, but maybe S), without any subsequent identifications, so I really don’t know which car it’s connected to.

I just got word that we’ll be starting the process of rolling out new models to M3s shortly. We have strong confidence that we’re modeling the new firmware with a high accuracy. As always, this doesn’t mean 100% of M3s in the field will get detected, but this should help those who lost their M3 detections recently. We’ll continue to refine these models in the coming weeks.


Sounds good, looking forward to it, and thank you for keeping us updated on progress!

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By the way, if anybody is still looking at my data/charges, ignore March 15 to March 18 2019, when a Model S P70 was temporarily in my garage instead of my Model 3.

Ryan, do you know when this will be pushed out? Should I delete the currently recognized device (M3)? Mine sense detected my M3 the night before I updated to to 2019.5.15 so there have only been a couple spurts of activity on the device. Usually when the M3 is cycling an early morning charge from overnight phantom drain.

There shouldn’t be a need to delete the current device.

Models roll out at different times for different homes, depending on many factors. You will likely receive the updated models within the next two weeks. But, likely even sooner than that.

Hi RyanAtSense.
Yes, I’m on 2019.5.15 and you have permission to look at my data
Sense had detected my Wall Charger for a model 3 in January but hasn’t detected it since I left for a week during spring break (Match 9). I have been charging it daily since I came back. I was upgraded to 2019.5.15 while on vacation.

Someone has a Tesla again!


Yep, for the first time in weeks, my Model 3 is recognized, noticed this at 4:25pm eastern today, seen in screenshot. Kudos to @ptmoore for reporting success first! Thank you for whatever changes were pushed out to our Senses, it worked!

A little odd that the little log of recent activity below the circle doesn’t show “Tesla turned on.”
Notice “Tesla turned off” does show.
FYI, I have the setting for Notifications set for both ON and OFF events at the moment.

Well, it’s 2 for 3 in identifications for me so far.

Interesting…let me know if it pops up on subsequent charges.

Glad to hear that the new models seem to be working for people.

Comparing my teslafi home charging logs with my Sense app’s Power Meter (Daily View) for my Tesla (screenshots below), it does seem that all subsequent charges have been indicated by Sense properly, including the recent activity text. Just a one-off it would seem, a very minor cosmetic issue.

I used the Sense app instead of the site since I could easily scale to just the needed number of days to show.

Congrats again on getting Model 3 sensing working again!

My sense has still not detected my model 3. Not once has my sense detected my ev (I took delivery in June). Is there something I should do ? Power cycle sense?

Spoke too soon, still having issues with Model 3 detection after all, the below set of screenshots help tell the story (will try to explain/caption later).

Missed Identification

12:35pm Sense App doesn’t pick up that it’s “Tesla” charging

12:35pm Tesla App confirms charging at 40 amps:

False Positive:

02:02pm Sense App thinks Tesla is being charged

02:02pm Tesla App confirms no charging going on.

What I have noticed is that the “cycle” charges are now detected 100% by Sense. The longer charges, like when I arrive home from work or any charge more than a couple minutes, are not detected.

I am comparing sense to my teslafi charge history.

Edit: This evening I watched Sense as I charged. Sense immediately recognized the Tesla charge. Showed in the timeline and the live meter. I monitored as the I charged, about 35 mins and never saw a Tesla turned off in the timeline. I was pretty encouraged…then when I checked the device history after a while the charge doesn’t show at all. The timeline shows a start only.