Device Detection Major Update: Tesla Model 3 - 1/9/19

I’m also having issues with my M3 being detected correctly. Currently on 2019.8.3. Seems that it will only show activity sometimes and usually when its not at my full charge rate of 24A.

Since I can only post one image per reply here is the tesla app at the same time.

Seems as though network detection would work better for Sense…

If you’re getting real data in the app, why try to reinvent the wheel and follow vehicle firmware updates that break detection?

Looking like there’s still some issues with the model, missed my detection tonight which means the detection is 3 for last 5.

My Sense didn’t show the Tesla start charging last night when I arrived home like it has in the past. The overnight cycle charges were detected.

It’s something we’ve investigated, but found it less useful than you might imagine.

If you’re experiencing issues with these new M3 models, please write in to Support so they can track.

Whats the best way to write into support? Just use the contact us link?

Sorry about that. You can use:

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Has Sense considered using the Tesla API to have a connected device like TP-Link, Hue, WeMo, etc? Something similar to how tracks charging. This would be much more accurate than the cat and mouse game on device models. Just a thought. Apologies if this has been discussed previously and I missed it.

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That’s what I meant by ‘network detection’ in my post above. I don’t have an EV or researched if they have an API but I agree, it seems a much better use of resources to use the built in vehicle/charger sensors to give you all this info.

While native detections are nice, it may be a cat and mouse game generating a lot of unnecessary attention.

@RyanAtSense Detection seems to be improving some but the tail has failed some showing 600 watts. Have reported it but here’s a fun picture. Tesla finished charging but showed that 600w draw. We left and did a few errands then plugged it back in. Obviously the bit load is the Tesla but the 600w bubble stayed.

We’re working hard on improving these, so you should continue to see improvements over the coming months.

FYI, quick update. Unfortunately, my Tesla Model 3 LR AWD is no longer detected these past couple of weeks on 2019.16.3.2 software, including a 5 hour charging session today.

Mine is gone since 2019.20.2.1

Welcome @mbell64! My detection and been pretty solid over the last couple months. What type of charging are you using at home? I’ve got 220 NEMA plug in the garage.

Same. NEMA 14-50. It was detected about 1 month after I got it, and has stopped detecting it now, seems to have been immediately after an update…

We’re continuing to deal with nagging issues from the Tesla firmware change noted here: FIX ISSUED: Tesla Model 3 detection accuracy issues

We issued a fix but it’s not working perfectly for everybody.

@mbell64 and @pbraren, do you mind if data science takes a look at your charging data?

I don’t mind. Go nuts! :smiley:

I also have 2019.20.x and have not seen my Tesla M3 show in Sense for about 4 weeks. I worked great for about a month. I charge every night about 90 minutes most nights, but sense only has one record for month of June.

Yes, you can look at my data. Please note that I’m using the “Wall Connector with 14-50 Plug” that was sold for less than a month (Jan 2019), at 40 amps on NEMA 14-50. Details at