Device Detection Major Update: Tesla Model 3 - 1/9/19

Apparently I jinxed myself, software update I did last week made it so the M3 isn’t getting identified. Another software update just ran.

Just want to give folks a quick update on this: M3 firmware is continuing to cause problems. The Data Science team is working on a fix and will push it out in the next EV model release.

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Thank you for the update, @RyanAtSense!

Our model 3 only gets charged about once a week.
Please extend the “window” of observation to accommodate those of us who don’t charge up daily at home.

There is no window. Sense detects the on/off cycle.

We’ve issued a fix for M3 firmware issues as well as other fixes for the M3 models. Accuracy should improve on these going forward.


that will be appreciated our M3 seems to have gone off the radar of sense around a few weeks ago.

Any news on discovering a Model S? Mine has not been detected ever yet after quite awhile


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Likely went off the radar due to a firmware change pushed by Tesla. This should solve that!

As for the S, we’re working fine with many model S, but there are some differences among them depending on the release batch. If it hasn’t ever been detected, then that doesn’t sound like a good sign. If you haven’t, you can reach out to the Support team and they can take a closer look.

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Sense detected my Tesla Model 3 within 2 weeks, recorded it for 2 wks, then it went off radar for the last 4 weeks. It hasn’t ever recorded my Model S. Should I delete my Model 3 device? Should I contact Support? I give permission to them to look at my data.

I posted this a couple days. It’s very likely these new models will help. They’re still in the process of rolling out to monitors and after they roll out, Sense will need to see new detections. If you’re still not seeing it again after a couple weeks of frequent home charging, let me know.

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I am charging weekly once my Model 3 for 2 months now upto 50KW using the Siemens Level 2 charger and dont have luck yet. Got my 2019.28.2 update yesterday on my Model 3.

Unfortunately, no progress in Model 3 detection in my home in months.

That’s about the same look that mine has. July just dropped off the radar.

I am still not showing anything on Tesla Model 3 charging. It has been 3 weeks since you told me to hold on for a couple of weeks. I charge daily.

Any suggestions

Rich Worford

Unfortunately, this update might not solve the issue for everybody. There are a lot of variables at play. However, this should help in most cases. I would suggest reaching out to Support, as they can take a closer look at your data.

I know it’s been said but i sure wish you could suggest devices. After 10 months of charging on a Nema14-50 sense found and labeled my Tesla. But for this summer i switched to a wall charger and now no not data, probably going to take 10 months to discover. Wonder if hard wired circuits clamps would work better.

Tesla has recently released a new firmware update. If you only have one EV at your home and that EV is an M3, you may get a newly detected device. It’d be best to merge this with your original M3 detection, if you have one.

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Would you happen to know which Tesla firmware release?

On August 29, I updated to latest Tesla software:
2019.28.32 9d0d19a
still no Tesla Model 3 charge session detection, with several charges per day not showing up.

I did get the new M3 detection last night but it doesn’t appear to have any usage identified. I’ll merge and see if it’s picked up tonight.