Detecting Submersible Well Pump Activations

I am a new user as of 10/20/20. Sense identified a Pump on 11/1/20 turning on 5 times and pulling 1100+ watts. The Community has identified a similar signature as Pump 93% of the time. Sense didn’t identify any other signatures of the pump being on prior to 11/1/20, which seemed odd.

I have a submersible well pump that I use for all water used on my property. I have a device from ENO Scientific that sits on top of my well that takes measurements of my water depth every 1 second 24/7 which it records with a time and depth stamp. Each time my above ground water storage tank needs water the pump turns on and the water depth in my well casing drops about 7 feet before recovering rather quickly. I was able to correlate precisely 5 of the 6 times my well pump turned on with Sense’s ID of a new Pump being discovered.

The 1 observation ENO identified as the pump being on that Sense failed to discover was at 5:20 AM on 11/1/20. However, when I went back to Sense’s data for this time period, the signature matching the other 5 events is the same, despite it not being identified when Pump was discovered.

Is it possible that Sense missed this event and that Pump is my Submersible Well Pump or could there be another possible explanation? The other 5 times the pump was on on 11/1/20 (for about 3-4 minutes each) were 1:05AM, 4:45AM, 12:09PM, 3:56PM, and 4:54PM.

Thanks for any comments you may have.

I’d never heard of Well Watch, and I live in an area that has lots of wells failing due to ongoing droughts. I really appreciate the mention and will be investigating whether I can install one on my geothermal/domestic water well.

Regarding Sense informing you about devices, that takes it a while. Sense has to collect data for some time (it can be weeks/months) before it lets you know that it thinks it’s found something. It’s actually pretty remarkable that you got a hit this quickly.

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It is totally possible for Sense to miss a on/off from time to time. I find it occurs more during “busy” times in the house where there is more going on electrically, so there is more noise. For instance, maybe at 5:20 in the morning, the coffee pot was going as well as the hot water heater. Or a hair dryer (I’m just thinking morning routine kind of activities).
The sense is still tracking all the electrical usage, so as you mention, you as a human may still see the identifiable signature in the power meter, but something may be different enough that Sense didn’t recognize it at that instance.

As Andy mentioned, Sense is always learning. It can improve detection of a device over time. I’m not saying it will, but it could get better at finding the pump.