6 weeks and one device


Its been 6 weeks, and only the HVAC fans have been found, and that was a week after install, nothing for the last 5 weeks. All our major appliances are LG. TVs are Samsung. Is this normal to be taking so long?


I don’t think there really is a good definition for “normal”. Everyone’s experience is different with some having few detections and other having many. I’m at 2 months today and have 25 but have lost some and would have around 40 if sense and I had not deleted any.
Do you have geothermal or a deep well pump of some sort? They are known to cause “noise” that hinders detection.
Try to be patient as difficult as it is. I personally think a detection a week is not bad at all. There are users with a year or more that don’t t have that many. You may have experiences with detections like I ha e where you will have 4 in one day. That’s happened with me twice now.
You could contact support at support.sense.com
And ask them to take a look. You’ll need patience waiting up to a few days for a response but the quality of support is worth the wait.
Another thing is if your detections are accurately identified, that’s a huge plus. I ha e a lot that are not and will probably end up deleted.


Thanks, nothing geothermal, and no well. Pretty common/generic set up. I’ll give it a couple more weeks before I contact support.


First, welcome to Sense and welcome to the Sense Community!

1 device in 6 weeks is certainly abnormal. @samwooly1 is right that there isn’t a great “normal,” but this is pretty low for detection in a period over a month long. I would encourage you to reach out to Support sooner rather than later. There may be something simple in your install that’s preventing detection from happening faster.