Detection of lights

14 days ago I was notified of some lights. One room has CFL bulbs. I confirmed it was that room. As of today those lights showed up in my bubble as the same room. However, the lights were in a different room. I guess this can be expected since it also has CFL lights?

On a related note, I was wondering if LEDs are harder to detect? Seems like my halogen under cabinet lights were recently detected

Not a biggie since I am looking forward to identifying the bigger energy consumers.


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LEDs are difficult/impossible to detect. Unless they’re Hue bulbs, which are ID’d over the network and tracked directly.

I’ve shared this previously, but it’s worth mentioning again that anything under 40W is very hard to identify in real-time. CFL bulbs usually use more than this (I’ve seen a few from 50W-65W), so when I see a detection of a light I often take it as an opportunity to hunt down and replace a bulb with a more energy efficient one.

I also have Hue bulbs, which I can integrate with Sense to detect through the app.

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OK. Thank you. Not really concerned about lights. More the bigger consumers

If you’re looking for an example of LED consumption, here’s an example @kevin1 shared in the Community Device Library of an LED floodlight (which is significantly higher wattage than a typical LED bulb) that uses ~40W.

My hue bulbs in my living room use about 7-10W a bulb