Detection\Sense Analytics

Seems like there are a bunch of comments on here about where people stand in detection. I think it would be interesting to add some global analytics to the site/app which show number of active Sense detection’s by device type and some trending. That way we can see the install base and see where we stand. For example 25% of sense users have discovered a TV and it takes an average of 72 days to find it. Average number of detection’s, average solar production…


Agree - - While I’m a very new users - I’m anxious to know when I should expect it to start discovering devices.

I did use the Power Meter and walked around - it was educating. Having something what ptmoore is asking would be helpful so we can set expectations.

Even if there was a summary grouping that it has found motors but not how many in that group, another being lights. I would think that many devices have a constant usage once they have started. I would expect those to be Lights for instance. Motors on the other hand, are more variable. Does this make sense? is this a reasonable request?