Device Detection method tagging

A method to identify if a device has been detected as a Connected Device > Network listening vs from current monitoring.
This could show both in the Devices list and/or in something like a new Connected Devices > Network listening > Found devices
Or am I missing something?
In that case my wish is that this information should be clearer.

A little hard to understand your request, but I think you are asking for information in every Device entry that tell how that device has been identified - there are really 4-5

  1. Native Identification - on/off signature
  2. NDI
  3. Hue
  4. Smartplug - TP Link
  5. Smartplug - Wemo

It would also be useful if this data showed up in export.

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Yes. That type of distinction. At minimum it could show Native vs non-Native (i.e. current-detection-based vs network-based) but a detailed breakdown would obviously help if you are using Smartplugs or other network intelligence.

It’s a good idea and I’ll pass it along. However, at this time, NDI is only being explicitly used for detection of certain smart TVs. In the meantime, the data is still helping us to build better models for connected device detection that we will roll out, so please don’t turn it off just because you don’t have a smart TV.

So, in that vein, here’s a thought that perhaps you’ve had:
Prior to my LG OLED being detected I looked at the Power Meter and realized why, from a native detection standpoint, it would be so hard to detect – because the current draw is all over the place. BUT, watching any particular channel WHILE looking at the power meter the obvious suddenly dawned on me: If Sense (central) monitors all the TV channel streams then it could potentially ID my TV on/off and current usage … oh, and also know what channel I’m watching! [It’s really that dramatic and closely correlated. I would recommend Sense + OLED TV watchers try it!]

Again I am reminded of the BBC days when British viewers fired up the tea kettle during ad breaks and stressed out the Utilities … which were apparently actually monitoring the BBC so they could preemptively crank up the power stations when needed.

What’s the bet that Utility/Sense-wide data could reveal that many people were watching (on their OLED TVs) the latest GoT episode … apparently it was very dark for the most part = low power consumption on an OLED.

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Here’s my power meter. I think you’re onto something here.

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