Device Fake Out


I have a device programmed to come on at a certain time. Sense detects it. However, I can and do, radically change the power this device uses. If the device comes on at power level A and I switch it, temporarily, to power level B. Sense forgets it being on. Then, when I change back to power level A, Sense doesn’t detect the device as being on.

Do I have any hope? I can not (prefer not) to turn the device on and off after I change power settings.


I’m not sure, but I think it will eventually pick it up. I had a situation with my space heater. If it was on and I plugged it in, Sense reported a space heater coming on, but if it was plugged in and I turned it on, it just went into other. Over time, it identified it as a second space heater and I merged them. My best guess is that the energy signature during startup was different so it took a little more time to get it all sorted out.


What may end up happening is Sense may detect these 3 different power states (OFF -> A, A-> B, B-> A) as 3 separate devices since they do have slightly different signatures. You’d then be able to merge the 3 devices into 1. This is a case that, as we have more and more data and Sense’s algorithms become more advanced, should happen less and less.


Thanks. Keeping fingers crossed.

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