Device found, recognizing and then dropping out

Now, if only Sense could accurately monitor the various devices in the geothermal system…that’s a big reason I bought Sense. All I can get from my original monitoring system is the total. Those devices are:

Well pump- zero success, and it masks most of the rest of the house.

Geothermal heat pump- says it’s detected it, but not consistent/accurate data

Heat pump to tank pump- nope

Radiant circulator pump- nope

Mini-Duct circulator pump- nope

Mini-Duct blower- nope

ERV- nope


Have you thought about separating the main pump that causes all the noise from the rest of the panel? I wonder if your mains coming in would first feed that pump and your current main panel would then be one a sub panel, if that would isolate the noise.
I would think that branching that pump upstream would possibly cure your situation except for not having any monitoring for it.

Interesting thought. The power lines would still be connected of course, but the current clamps might not “see” the power noise. Of course, this requires re-wiring at the service entrance level, and messing with the meter, both things I’m not comfortable doing myself.

I can check with my friendly local electrician about the cost…materials would be minimal, it’s his labor that could be an ouch. Of course, some significant portion of my geothermal power consumption is the deep well pump, so this kind of defeats the whole purpose. I already can monitor when the pump is running, and when that’s feeding the geothermal. So with measurements of the power drawn when delivering 15 GPM, I can already calculate the consumed power…and I have all that in my welserver app web page already.

So, I need to think about this one, but it’s an interesting work-around. Thanks.

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I have read many of your posts and know you have had the monitor for a very long time compared to me. I hate to see you missing out on what would most likely be many more detections due to this one pump.
Sure you would lose monitoring of that pump but if you picked up say 5 more detections and they were highly accurate and the current detections you ha e now improved, would it be worth the trade off?
I guess I’m looking at it from just my personal perspective and it would to me.

Good points. And since I have 150+ devices and perhaps 1 dozen sort of detected. If this workaround rescued any significant number of those, that would be wonderful.

Will look into the economics on Monday, and thanks

A local electrician well versed in both residential and commercial work could be a lot of help. The only hiccup I could see is a lot of inspectors either do residential or commercial and a strictly residential inspector would be less likely to know the ins and outs of Daisy chaining panels and sub panels. While it would pass electric code technically, an inspector may not pass it due to their lack of knowledge or misunderstanding of how they interpret code.

Fortunately, I suppose, we don’t have things like electrical, plumbing, building, etc, inspectors up here in the wilds.

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