Device Timeout on Heat Pump


Sense has discovered my pool heat pump; yippie :hugs:

I’ve set up notifications to let me know when the heat goes off and on, so I know when the spa is up to temperature. The behaviour I’m seeing is, what appears to be exactly two hours after the Device turns on, Sense alerts me that the Device has turned off. I look at the timeline, and there are no spikes up or down; the heat pump is still drawing ~ 5k. This has occurred more than once.

Q: Does Sense make an assumption that if no new activity from a Device is seen, it times out and marks it off?

If this were the case, could we override the timeout value on a per Device basis for these knowingly long-running devices?




Hey Sense guys - any answer to my question? :confused:


Howdy. Imma summoning @RyanAtSense with my special powers.
You should hear from him soon.


Sorry I missed this! Unfortunately, I don’t have the greatest answer. I asked around and this sounds abnormal so I think a ticket so is in order. Models do have “durations,” but we’d need to look deeper at your data to see if this is actually an issue with the model duration.