Pump only detected on short runs


Sense detected our well pump right away, and it does a good job of tracking usage during typical pump cycles that run from 45 seconds up to two minutes as it refills the pressure tank.

We just started our garden irrigation for the season, which is matched to pump capacity so that the pump runs continuously for an hour at a time during the overnight hours.

So far, Sense has been recording only the first ~2 minutes of pump time during these cycles. It’s as if it thinks the pump shouldn’t run longer than that so it assumes that it missed the “off” signal and changes the pump status to off despite no drop in wattage.

Has anyone else seen behavior like this? Does it correct itself over time? It would be nice to be able to track our pump usage accurately, as it is ~10% of our total during the summer season.


I’ve had a similar long-running issue with Sense only recognizing the first few minutes of my HVAC fan running - the rest goes into “Other”, so a question for @HilarioAtSense.

Is run time one of the parameters that is set during initial device detection / recognition?

While cycling may be typical of many devices - elements in ovens, well pumps in normal use (we have one too), there are many cases when normally cyclic devices will run continuously for longer periods.


This morning, for the first time, Sense registered both one-hour pump runs overnight.

It also found our food dehydrator, which we ran for a day over the weekend - the only time it has run since installing Sense. Granted, it does cycle the heating element every five minutes or so (so a day represents many cycles), but that’s pretty good for device detection.

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