Device use percentage report for billing period

I’m looking for a button that will produce a monthly report of device usage as a percent of the total. It seems like Sense should be able to do this automatically, but all I can find is a daily usage chart, which isn’t really useful.

In the Android or iOS app, just go to Trends. Pick Usage. Then select MO (Month) at the top and go to the month you want to look at (here August). Then scroll through the list at the bottom until you see the device you want the percentage for. Is that what you were looking for ?

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I typically do what Kevin has outlined above, @teach-1.

If you’re looking for a more customized way to manipulate the data into your desired view, I recommend visiting the web app ( and navigating to the “Trends” section. Just select your data view (day, week, month, year or bill) and click on the export icon in the top right-hand corner (Screen Shot 2020-10-20 at 4.24.59 PM ).

From there, you can drop the .csv export into google sheets or excel and filter through the devices, making it pretty easy to build a small dashboard.

I don’t think that will give me what I’m looking for. I want a monthly summary of energy usage by device so I can see what uses the most kWh. Sense tracks this so it’s only a matter of organizing the data and putting it in report form.

@teach-1, I don’t understand. The list on the bottom of the screen gives every detected device by percentage usage during the month. The list at the bottom goes from the highest percentage to lowest (after Usage and Solar). That list sure seems like what you are looking for

Oh, ok I was using the web app which I prefer, but couldn’t find it. Now I see it on my phone, thanks. Can this be exported?

I like the web app too, but it is shy a couple of key features I love in the iOS/Android app. You can’t export the Trends summary data today. But if you want to look at the device percentages, you can export your Monthly or Yearly “Day” data and run it through my web app described here.

Stacked power plot for Always-on, ID's appliances, and other?

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Thanks, I’ll check it out.

LMK if you have any questions or see discrepancies with your data.