Tracking total wattage usage

Is it possible to view the total kwh usage for the current date/time. Then when I take future readings I could calculate how many kwh of electricity were used for that given time period.

Are you thinking about something like a “meter reading” ? There isn’t anything like that today - Sense might be able to add an “Energy since install” number. Today if I want to look at a time period, I do one of three things:

  • Cobble together using the built-in measures - hours, days, weeks, months
  • Or customize the billing period - that’s like setting a start counter at a specific point in time.
  • If I need something more complicated than the native totals offered in the UI, I use export.

Exactly, a meter reading. Until that’s available I will just reset all data on the device/account to set the start point.
My sense is running on a sub panel in my house, I’m not looking to compare it to my house meter but I would like to know how many kwh were used at the end of each day.

Then you should just use the weekly or monthly summaries for Usage, that both present a summary for each day. In the web app, you can do a mouse-over on the bar chart, and see the daily usage values. Or if you need more accuracy, you can use the associated export. Better than having to reset all the time.

Thank you @kevin1 I found the export button (kind of hidden). It’s a shame there isn’t an API that would allow me to automatically pull the data. Saving a CSV seems a little antiquated these days.

You are welcome. A few folks have devloped an unofficial real-time API that Sense facilitates, but doesn’t support directly. But you have to collect and store the data if you want a history. Look for links under:

ps: I can kind of see why Sense did a CSV interface first:

  • much higher percentage of Excel literate users.
  • allows them to optimize and manage CPU cycles on their end of AWS - they would have to pay for poorly written API access code that thrashed around in their huge datasets…
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