Energy Usage History - I'll Run One for You

Hi folks,

I developed a quick little R utility that converts a Sense daily output file for a year (or even multiple files for multiple years) into a weekly usage history by kWh and by percentage of total usage. I’m willing to run your data through as well if anyone is interested. One example, I did for another user yesterday, below - you can tell the cooling season is “heating up” in Texas (77316 zip)

PM me if interested. All I need is a yearly Sense export CSV at the daily level.

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Better yet, I’ve created a web app that reads in your exported Sense output file for a year with a daily interval, and produces the graphs. Try the link below !

Here’s what the finished result looks like. Just “Browse” to the exported file.

Here’s how to export:

  • Go to Trends, select “Year”, then hit the round icon with the rectangle w arrow combo, on the upper right.
  • That will then give you a dialog to use either Day or Hour intervals - stick with Day.
  • Once you hit “Export”, the web app will deposit a CSV file in your download directory.