A combination of two displays ... Is it possible at all?

Today, with the current Sense app version, there are only two ways to display power usage:

  1. Overall vs. time, with the power meter
  2. Bubbles, total Watts at ‘current’ time

What I really like to see is either individual or stacked time traces for each of the detected devices (and others). I’m sure such data is available, as the Sense App (or even the Sense itself) is doing the processing in real time.

Any thoughts on this?

Also, would there be a way to download the raw data and run further processing on it … e.g. in Matlab. If anything at all, this should help the Sense developers by providing specific signatures etc.

What I have in mind is to turn various devices on/off, look at the specific events in the ‘Meter’, then ultimately develop detection algorithms, and also do my own summary/analysis.

@drjb, two things for you.

  1. Yes, you can export Sense hourly or daily data in .csv format, from the Sense web app, but not the phone/tablet app. Go to Trend in the web app, pick the period you want the data for, hit the export icon in the upper right, then pick your interval (hour/day).
  2. If you want a stacked bar by device, export your data for a month, billing period or year using a daily (day) interval. Then go to this web app:

You can Browse and upload your exported file and get a graph like this:

Top is by kWh, bottom by % usage.

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Thank You, that’s exactly what I had in mind. Now, I was also hoping to do a finer time resolution, to help in detecting the various devices. I’ll try it and see if at all possible.