What's new in Web App v2: Power Meter



We’ve got a big, highly anticipated update for you: Power Meter for the Sense Web App! This has been a long time coming and it’s hard to exaggerate just how difficult it was. Now you data junkies can dedicate a computer screen just to your Power Meter or even project it on your wall if you really need to see your data writ large. I’m sure the family will just love what you’ve done with the home cinema. :grin: But for everyone, this is a great addition that ups your already unprecedented insight into your home energy.

As you’d expect, the Power Meter on the web app functions similarly to the mobile app, with a couple notable differences:

  • Its bigger! This one might be obvious, but it’s part of the reason many users have been waiting for it. Bigger means it’s even better suited for deeper analysis.

  • We’ve added some handy navigation shortcuts. There are some tabs above the Power Meter that are zoom-level shortcuts for specific time segments of 15 minutes, hour, day, week, and month. You can zoom by scrolling, or by using these shortcuts. You can also click and drag to pan back or forward in time, and click the “NOW” button in the top right of the meter window to shortcut back to the present/live view.
    You might notice that some features are missing from this build of the Power Meter, such as the color banding between time segments and the wattage change annotations. Don’t fret, as we’re planning on adding these (and more!) in the future. We just wanted to get this to you as soon as possible in highly usable form.

To log in and check it out, navigate to home.sense.com/meter. As always, we want to know what you think! Give us your feedback in the comments.


Using Chrome…when I click the vertical menu icons (usage, meter, devices, etc.) the URL changes in the address bar, but the view doesn’t change. If I F5/refresh the page then the icons do work…for a while.


Mine works right… Chrome… Google Chrome is up to date
Version 67.0.3396.87 (Official Build) (64-bit)… For what it is worth… Gerry


BTW… I hit F-5 in 15 minute and it hung… Went to hour and back to 15 minute and it was OK… Gerry


Using Chrome here and not experiencing that issue, but I will pass it on.

Question about detection and NDI

So far enjoying and looking forward to further enhancements. Have not tried sending it to my big screen tv yet…

Could you consider making the time and wattage numbers a bit larger and darker. It is hard to read them for my old eyes



Thanks for this update to the web app!

I am only getting Power Meter for the overall household, not individual devices.
Is this the expected behavior?

If so, when are individual devices coming?


Yes, that is correct. Power Meter is only visible for the whole home at this point. I can’t offer a timeline of when it will be incorporated on the Devices page, but hopefully in the near future.


We just released a patch for the Web App with some updates that you’ll like.

  • A tooltip now shows up when you mouse over specific points on the Power Meter, showing you exact wattage for a particular point
  • When you load the Power Meter, it defaults to the live NOW view


It’s beautiful! Thank you to the developers at Sense.


I would like to see the same power and device tags appear on the web app power meter as we get with the mobile app. This would make it much easier to correlate events on the time line with their respective signature on the power meter.
Also, I think you guys are doing a great job with the interface. Very intuitive and the presentation is not overly busy.