Device Power Meter feature - only in-app? Why suggested in web?

I was looking at the web UI, and noticed, under my fridge device (I have 2 different samsung fridges and a chest freezer… so far one fridge is detected, and I’m not sure yet if it has merged multiple or just not detected the other two yet) that it says:
"An average sized modern fridge = 180 watts. May not seem like a lot, but fridges cycle on and off all day, so can be big energy hogs (4-6% of the average bill depending on efficiency). Of interest: Use the fridge POWER METER to see how your fridge cycles on and off."

…so I went looking all over the web UI to find the fridge power meter, only to come up empty handed. Later on I was looking at the Android app, and weirdly there it has a power-meter for the device… it also does NOT have any of the text actually talking about the power meter that the web UI does have.

Seems like ideally, the power meter for a device would be available everywhere, but also, that if you are going to suggest using a feature, you should suggest it in the app that actually supports that feature?

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Good point.

Though looking on the bright side, we can perhaps view this as enthusiastic UI builders including that Info for the imminent incorporation of the immanent device Power Metering into the Web UI.


I requested this in the Product Wish List, and was told it’s on the agenda for this year:


I’ll pass along the copy suggestions.

As I note in the thread that @SperlingJason linked, we do have further parity work scheduled through the rest of the year. Power Meter for devices isn’t necessarily going to be part of that however, though we do intend on getting it in there. It’s a major challenge to do Power Meter work for the Web, more so than mobile.