Add device metering on website

On the app, when I open the device there is a usage chart (showing usage by day/wk.month/yr) and a power meter chart (showing the second by second impact of the device on the power meter). Unfortunately, on the web app I am only seeing the usage chart and not the power meter chart. I would like to have the power meter chart included at the device level when I am logged into the web page on my computer.


Device-level Power Meter is something we do intend on adding to the Web App. There’s a few features that haven’t been ported over from mobile yet, and that’s one of them. We have work scheduled through the year on small additions.


Relatedly, I notice that there’s no device level metering on the app for the Other and Always On categories. Can those be added too? Having it for Other would be especially interesting for me.

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I suspect Sense chose not to provide Always On and Other power meters to avoid confusion since those are calculated in ways that don’t completely match up with the other device Power Meters (even though they are mixed in the bubbles)

I won’t reiterate what is already here but here’s a list that might help (and sorry, yes, it’s basically a reiteration!):

  • Overall Power Meter = GROUND TRUTH realtime, actual usage (+/- 0.5% or so)

  • Device Power Meter = Senses’ GUESS at usage; could be wrong, could be right (+/- ??) … the GOAL is that this will be as precise as the ground truth Power Meter (which is what smartplugs enable, if at lower resolution). Meanwhile: mileage will vary and can be highly device & time-dependent.

  • Always On = Senses’ ongoing CALCULATION; “correctness” is debateable (+/- not applicable)

  • Other = same as Always On.