Introducing the Web App (v1)

Hey all,

We’re excited to announce the release of v1 of the Sense Web App! With the Web app, you can see how much power you’re consuming (and producing, if you have solar) in real-time, view your timeline to see when different devices turned on or off, track historical usage, and more! Many of the functions that you currently find in the mobile app can now also be used right from your browser. Just visit and log in with your Sense account.

Many thanks to all of the Sense community members who helped beta test the app and provided invaluable feedback to us. There’s a lot more on the way for the web app, including a high resolution power meter, data export and much more, so stay tuned!


This is great news! Thank you.


Thank you Ben and Sense. I think I will be able to figure out my undetermined Devices and Heats better now.

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Thanks! Looks great. That’s one of the two things that have been missing from Sense, and you added it less than a month after my installation. The second one is some sort of data export capability…

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This looks great! Congrats to all the team who worked on this. It functions perfectly and is very professional.

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Nice job Sense team… the web app looks great.

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The device bubble chart does not seem to show if the page width is less than ~1000 px.

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Thanks for the heads up @richr! Our web app developer is going to look into that and will get that fixed.

All the floaty bubbles make a nice screen saver :slight_smile:

Seems fixed now. Thanks!

(app checksum c7f99973)

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A related request. In the phone (android) app the bubbles are often truncated or almost off screen. See attached for an example. android v. 8.1.0.


Thanks for the report @richr. This is is an issue we’re aware of and plan to fix soon.

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Has a software developer been hired yet to work on the unfinished Web app? I’m looking forward to freeing up my iPad and putting my computer to work since it’s on all day, every day. I’m sure you know version one is only marginally useful at this time…

Hey @brian_3d -

We’re working on it continuously, and we should have some big new pieces of functionality like the power meter and comprehensive device editing coming along soon. Thanks for your patience in the meantime!