Widget (Android app)

A widget or widgets to display info like power generated and power consumed on the home screen would be excellent.


Thanks for the suggestion, @michael1! Just to make sure I understand, when you say home screen, you mean the home screen of the phone, not the app, right?

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Yes, That is exactly what i mean. I was previously using the enphase solar
monitoring app which provides that kind of home screen widget and it was
nice to have the info at a glance rather than needing to dig into the app


I’d like to bump this, would definitely like to see an Android widget. It could be a rather simple 1x4 that includes something like [ Sense Logo | Current Usage | Current $/Hr | Month kWh | Bill $$$ ]. I’m sure others would like to see other variants - maybe a one-liner 24H graph, or the variation above but with solar production, or instead of $ show number of devices turned on and always on / other markers. 1x1 widgets could be used to show state of individual devices - devices turned on and current usage.

I purchased Sense to make to bring attention to my power usage. I had been hoping to be able to do things like include 24H or 30-day graphs on my actiontiles wall-mount displays (I know about the third-party ST integration marked as beta), but it seems access to data is pretty much limited to opening the app… Which doesn’t exactly remind me to check / use it unless I think about it which defeats the point.



Well at least I’ve managed to add a graph of my last 24H of power usage. Disregard the bland colors, it’s meant to blend in with my ActionTiles wall tablets.


??:thinking:?? Hmm

What ??? :slight_smile: Hmm

trying to see how you did that

I’m using the SmartThings Sense handler at https://github.com/brbeaird/SmartThings_SenseMonitor to pull data into SmartThings

I then export that data as it comes in to Google Sheets using https://github.com/krlaframboise/SmartThings/blob/master/smartapps/krlaframboise/simple-event-logger.src/ReadMe.md#simple-event-logger

That data is then filtered so it only shows the last 24H of data, then it has a chart built which is published as an image URL. I can then use that image in ActionTiles and/or using an Android app that allows placing image URLs that refresh every X minutes on my phone.


This would be quite useful. Just a display of the number of watts used in the App (like e.g. the Verizon App shows you how much data you still have for the month) would be great. A graph like the one shown by @cody above would be even better.

Bumping this one up, Id like this feature,

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