Want to display current wattage on my external dashboard

So I have a custom dashboard for my smart home… ones a dark board calendar the other is smart tiles with my lights and hvac… I’d like to view my “current wattage”. Is there anyway to grab that info from sense to put somewhere else?? Or even better what’s current running… I’m new at combining things so please bear with me if this is confusing. Thanks all.

@doublekay2 , what software are the custom dashboards using to collect and display data ? I have heard “smart tiles” in reference to “Samsung SmartThings” home automation.

Yes. I uses a SmartThings hub to action tiles. That and dakboard.

@doublekay2 , then I have some not so great news to report. Sense doesn’t have an integration with SmartThings. You might be able to do a do-it-yourself (DIY) interface if you are handy with Python using the informal Sense API on GitHub.

Now if you were using Home Assistant instead of SmartThings, new dashboards would be easy.

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Ah… thanks for the info. I appreciate it.