Usage by device

Is there a way to see usage over a day or week or month for each device? I know I can see the detail for a device but I wish I could see which devices have been significant users of energy over a period of time.

You should be a able to use the Usage under Trends to do what you want. Pick the interval (Month), look at the % interval usage on the right, select the device you want more details on.

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The pictures you show are exactly what I am looking for! But when I click on usage I do not see the table on the right, just the graphs, with both the Android device and the web access. How can I see the table on the right?

It should be there on the Android app, but not in the web app. I only use the iOS app and the web app. The layout is a little different on an iPhone vs tablet. With the phone, the device list is only visible in portrait mode.

Thanks. The key phrase in your response was “portrait mode”. On my Android tablet the table is visible only in portrait mode. It seems strange that Sense does not include this info in landscape mode or in the web app.