Set Default View (Day/Week/Month) for Usage in Trends Section


When you go to the Trends → Usage section of the app, is there any option to default this to a “day” view? It defaults to “this week” and shows usage and projections for the week, but I would prefer if it showed my daily usage. There are too many taps involved to see how many kWh are used per day, and the graphs do not have any units on their scale or numbers. It’s pretty clunky to get a list of usage by day through the app’s native GUI.

Additionally, there is a bit of a UX inconsistency for this section between the web app and the mobile apps. On the web app (Sense), when you select trends, it defaults to a day view and graphs by the hour. I understand that there is more screen real estate on the web version, so it’s easier to display more granular data, but consistency is key.

It would be nice if there was an option to select if you wanted to see daily/weekly/monthly trends and have that experience be consistent across the web app and mobile apps.

Before Sense, I used an app through my utility designed by Powerley, which read data from my smart meter. I really liked the UI of that app, as it was easier to see the kWH used per day (This was has been discontinued by my utility, which prompted me to get Sense)