Mobile app seems to lack a way to directly navigate in trends to specific date

I wanted to verify some data from a month or two back. I was looking for daily stats and (unless I missed something), I could only get there by going to daily trends, which then displays “today” and swiping back multiple times.

Did I miss some UI feature to do this? If not, I think it is needed. Simply tapping the day indicator under the graphs could do it. Similarly for weeks and months as well.

In all Usage views (DAY, WK, MO, YR) you can tap-and-hold any of the bars and get the more detailed timeslot stat. In the MO view you can then see the daily stat.


On the iOS app, once your in trends/ usage… then you can click Day/ week/ month/ bill/ year.

If you click year, then swipe the graph to get to 2020, then click on a month (within the graph) it will pull up that month in 2020, then click on that day (within the graph) and it will take you to that day.

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OK, I surely did not know about this year>month>day tapping method. I works, but I still more complicated than having a “date picker” available under a tap on the date displayed under the graph. Just a suggestion for an app improvement.