Usage measure decrease at the end of the day

I have my sense installed for about 2 years.i found that my usage under trend from day view and WK view are different. from the WK view I can see the value 5.8KW for a day but when I click into Day view and sum up all my green bars usage. it’s 8.8 in total. Does anyone got the same problem?

What does the Usage total in the upper right say when you are in the Day Trend tab ? Is that value the same as the day value in the Week tab?

Mine match up (and so does manually tabulating each hour in a day), EXCEPT for the day that just ended. Seems to take a while for the total to match up - the numbers were off just after midnight.

They don’t match. week view show 5.8kWh BUT in Day view it shows 8.6kWh in total.

Very strange - solar numbers match, but usage numbers don’t. I don’t think that’s normal. You should contact .

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Hey there @ivis. Agree with @kevin1, reach out to so they can take a look.

Ok, I will reach Sense support. I had some bad experience. I don’t live in US. I live in Taiwan instead. I had contact the support 2-3 times. I am always told that there is no support outside of US. The electric panel spec we use here is very alike what it is there in US. I do think this is a good product, I don’t expect it to detect all my devices but I hope it can give me correct measurement. I will contact support again. Hopefully they will help me^^

Ah, I see. That does make things a little bit tricky. We’re not technically compatible with your panel set-up in Taiwan and I expect that to be the source of the issues you’re seeing.

If you give an overview of your panel set-up (photos of your panel, where Sense is connecting) some more experienced folks in the community may be able to be more assistance than our Support team (Support is not necessarily familiar with your panel set-up).