Lost yesterday’s Usage on weekly view

I have 3 days using Sense. Something weird is happening. If I go to the Day Usage view, I get the yesterday’s real consumption graph. But if I go to the weekly usage view, yesterday appears almost without any consumption. Any clues?

Since I am a new user, I can only post one image. So I am posting the weekly view. Actual consumption was 37kwh for the day.

37kWh was consumption for Monday? If you press and hold on the Tuesday bar, what do you see? If you do the same for Tuesday?

If Tuesday usage was way higher than Monday, this could reflect that.

37kWh doesn’t jive with the “20kWh” max in your screenshot graph.

In week view you can tap on the bar and see the daily total.

If I press and hold the Tuesday bar (today) I get 18kwh (consumption so far). If I press and hold the Monday bar I get 0kwh (the bar has been disappearing gradually). Today in the morning there was a really small green bar. But now 6 hours later, it’s gone!?!?!? Weird I’ll post the screenshots if different posts so you can see.

If you go to de day view, here is the graph.

Here’s the bar graph 6 hours later!!!

That’s the weird thing!!

Look at yesterday’s view by day!

Here it is with the finger on Monday!



I think this is something you’ll need to bring up with the Support team. Without seeing the background data, which I cannot do, it’s hard to say what might be happening. Shoot a ticket over to Support here: https://sense.com/contact