Does anyone recognize or know what this waveform is?

Sense found a new device and thinks it may be the fridge. It had previously found the water dispensers and ice makers. I thought maybe it was the compressor but mine is variable speed and this signal looks pretty consistent and a little low, 93W average. Just like to have an idea of what it may be before I decide to merge it.

@ron111157, take a look through the Community Device Library fridges. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a fridge or something else with a compressor/cooler.

Also, I would take my time merging, even though you can unmerge. Occasionally, I have have one of the devices that was merged disappear, but missed seeing it because of the merge.

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Looked thru the library and saw very similar waveforms so It is most likely the fridge. No other compressor is online except my mini split and I know it draws way more wattage. Surprisingly low draw other than the startup spike.

I’ll leave it unmerged and observe for a couple weeks. It is showing as fridge2 now and I have plenty of other and always on to contend with right now.


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