Does Sense have a page to compare annual electric and solar data in a graph?

I have two SMA solar inverters and I use Sense and the SMA app to track electric usage, solar generations, etc. The SMA app has historical data, by year, of solar production so I can sompare soalr production in one graph, year to year.

Does Sense have an equivalent? If so, I cannot find it on the app or online.


Thank you in advance.


I don’t think there is a way to see multiple years in a single graph, like the “Lifetime” interval in my Tesla solar app. But as you suggest, that app only shows Solar, not Total Usage.

The best I can do in the Sense app, is show a year, then swipe to see the yearly summaries on the right for previous or next years. That gives me plenty more information, but not all on one graph.

Of course, if you are willing to Export data from the Sense web app, and know a little about Excel, you can get pretty much any graph you want. Some examples, here:

Okay. So I am not going crazy… Well, I may be, but I am accurate on this issue.


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@bob4 ,
I added that common-sense (pun intended) feature to the Sense wishlist. Don’t get your hopes up because Sense has been fair to middling about implementing improvements from the Wishlist, but it definitely won’t happen if it is not there. Please Like (heart) the entry linked below. That’s how Sense sizes up interest in Wishlist items.


And I agree. The Sense “powers that be” seem to think they are the smartest people in the room and do not need to consider what us peons, the end users and “funders,” want or need.

Oh well……

Such is life….