Show Net Usage in Sense Dashboard instead of Total Usage for Solar Users

If Sense wants users to see matching/similar usage info between Sense and the user’s Net Meter. Right now there can be a substantial difference between the Dashboard and Net Usage. For my current billing, I’m seeing 10% more usage than my bill shows. The 130kWh from Solar should be subtracted from the main dashboard reading.


agreed. could be nice to have the solar being tracked in that graph. My solar system only monitor production. They do have an option(add on module) to gather usage similar to Sense. Sense already has that data…just need it graphed, Not critical… just a wish list item

Good point.

Since I have this issue with having a hybrid inverter, my indications are even further off the utility company

Subtracting solar from usage would yield: 420-200=220kWh used

According to my utility company:

In my case (again hybrid inverter) Sense is showing 220/716 = 31% of real life usage.
But with the power line CT’s they should have been able to calculate the real usage of my (and anyone else’s) system.

Hope @JamesDrewAtSense takes a look at this.

This graphically shows the difference. I have two different Sense monitors - one (black background) that is connected to my Solar, and therefore produces true Total Usage that is actual total house usage, and one that looks only at my mains without seeing my solar, so it’s Total Usage is actually my Net Usage (white background). Same billing cycle, same mains.

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