Dashboard: Usage: Current Bill: $277 - Trending to $355

I’ve had Sense and Solar installed as of Dec 16, 2022.

I’ve noticed that the Dashboard of the Sense App always shows a figure for “Current Bill” and “trending to” of numbers that far exceed what my Power Bill with SDG&E was prior to what I saw for a power bill even before Solar was installed, yet alone with Solar installed.

Where are these numbers coming from?.. SDG&E has sent me guestimations of my bill, and for the last two months, they have been Negative $ amounts, which aligns with what I should be seeing for my 8KW Solar system. The system was installed to hit 130% of my normal use to ensure I hopefully never write a check to SDG&E for electricty again after the 12 month true-up period ends.

I don’t quite understand the logic of how/why these figures are listed here in this way, buy my math says I’m ahead of the ‘game’ of sending more power back to the Grid than I am Consuming:

582.1 kWh Produced - 524.8 kWh Used = 57.3 kWh to send to the Grid

Total 'To grid" of 364.9 kWh - 307.7 kWh “From grid” = 57.2 kWh net to the Grid

So, the question is… why Sense says I’m going to have a Ginormous bill larger than I have ever experienced in the almost three years I’ve lived here, when it is indeed a negative electric Bill ?

Any chance the $ figures are based on the TOU Rates I have input incorrectly?..


It’s a known issue - the current Dashboard Trending doesn’t include solar contribution - all you are seeing is Total Usage and Total Usage Cost for your chosen billing period. Like this Wishlist Item to show Sense that you want the Dashboard enhanced to show correct results for solar users.

ps: I think this original Trending feature was added mainly to satisfy utilities that are buying Sense-enabled meters, like the Landis & Gyr Revelo. Unfortunately that kind of half-done feature kills the usefulness for solar users (I don’t think Revelo offers a solar option).


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Thank you for explanation, Seems like this would be an easy fix to simply get the application to do the math correctly, and display it accordingly.

Not a good “look” for what I consider an otherwise great program to monitor my individual loads in the house.

Funny thing is, the MAIN reason I purchased this device was because I was installing Solar installed.

I have Consumption Monitoring Current Transformers on my Enphase based Solar system, so I see info there that helps me ‘see’ what my Consumption vs Production is.

It’s a Shame that Sense has left this in the app in this ‘State’… not a good look at all, IMO. Remove it or FIX it is my thought here.


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