Sense meter shows solar but not what I'm using

If my solar is outputing more than I am using, the sense meter shows me the solar output but not what I’m using. What I am using is 0. If I move the wiper across the display I see the solar output and it show a negative wattage for the net. Now shows 2 bubbles, one for other and one for solar.

I just removed my Neurio. It displayed what I was using and what the solar was generating.

@Shelkol ,
If you have solar set up on your Sense, in the bubble display, your Solar Production will be in the lower left (magenta) and your Total Usage including whatever is coming form your solar, will be in the lower right (blue).

If you want more details, go to Trends (bottom icon) > Solar

Thanks, but I was looking at the meter page:

It shows that the net is getting negative power meaning I’m sending the excess power back to the grid. It does not show what I am currently using. I am generating 3025 and sending 2465 back to the grid so I am using 560 watts, but the meter does not show that.

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You probably need to check in with Thanks for sharing your screenshot or the Power Meter. You should never have negative Total Consumption - the value in red should show how much the sum of the loads inside your house is using, regardless of the Solar contribution. You might want to also take pictures of your install showing where all thr CTs (sensors) are located.

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