Download Monthly/Billing summaries?

Is there a method to download monthly summaries (billing or calendar) of usage / solar generation?

I’d like to download the monthly totals only for a 12 month period. I understand this information is in daily data downloads but this data requires searching and sorting in 12 downloaded files to get just the totals.

The monthly email is not useful for this purpose because it does not specify total solar kWh produced.

Is copy-paste from the web app the fastest way to get this data?

3 options

  • Copy and paste the yearly trend summary.
  • Mouse-over the bars in the yearly summary. The mouse-over gives you the total usage and solar production data.
  • Use the daily export .csv and learn how to use Pivot Tables in Excel. Pivot Tables can reduce the massive daily data to a monthly summary in one step.

Thanks Kevin,

I used the copy-and-paste method to start my annual analysis. I had to do the same thing with my Utility Company because their recent website update removed the option to download solar production numbers in CSV/XLS format. The Monthly PDF statement has the totals. My Solar company and Inverter Company have an option to download only monthly totals in CSV.

I was hoping to save time by easily downloading monthly totals from all sources and plug them into an existing spreadsheet.

Pivot tables (“Organize” in macOS Numbers app) is very useful in many situations. I was hoping to save time for this analysis by having a ready-made report from Sense.

Also, if the Sense monthly email report included total kWh solar production, I could simply copy and paste from the email into my spreadsheet each month.

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