Activity Report

I have downloaded my activity for the month at a daily interval. In the spreadsheet I can see all of my devices and the kWh they used for that day. I also see the Total Usage (in blue) entry, which is 89.93. Is that supposed to be my total usage for the day? If so, it doesn’t make sense because if I add up the kWh for all of my devices and subtract my Solar Production (in yellow), I get 50.949. This is a discrepancy of 38.981. The only thing I don’t see in the list is Other. Could it be that is what is missing from the report?

That’s almost correct. Sense doesn’t export a value for Other, which is as you suggest, what’s left after you remove the use from all the known detections from Total Usage. But you shouldn’t be subtracting/adding Solar because Total Usage includes all the usage that comes from the grid plus all the usage that is covered by solar for the day.

Solar comes into play when you compare the daily or monthly results with your utility net metering. In that case you have to subtract (or really add the negative) Solar Production to the Total Usage to get your Net.