Download or API to feed PVOutput


Got python running in windows power shell and working with a couple tweaks. Is there a way to pull historical informarion or just current stats?


you can pull history… but all ive been doing with it is pulling current and pushing to pvoutput, my PR’s in github still arent merged yet but you can still grab my code from and and still use the current


Hey guys. It’s come to the engineering team’s attention that the unofficial APIs posted are slamming our internal API with authentication requests pretty much constantly. This is causing some performance degradation on our end. We have no issue with these APIs existing and being utilized by our userbase, but they should not be coded in such a way as to negatively affect performance for our teams and the rest of our users. We’ve contacted the owners of both Github repositories so they can make the necessary changes to their code.


Thanks Ryan,
I kind of wondered if that would be an issue. Good solution to have the team suggest a lower authentication overhead route, once a session has been established.


or just a way to do a simple CSV download would stop need for it to bang


That would work fo the folks not piping the results to PVOutput !


I would just massage it in Excel and do a live upload - that’s where I want mine to go.


The authentication is only done once at startup in the unofficial API - it could be people are creating a new instance each time they want to get data.

Edit: But I see the PVOutput code is creating a new instance for each call - it should be designed to create it once then loop instead.