Voltage trending

Hi All, I know sense uses voltage data, and I can see a live feed in setting/my home/ sense monitor. My question is can I trend the voltage data somewhere? Also what is the data collection sample rate?


Here is a link to technical specs.

It’s 1mhz sampling rate or 4m a sec

As far as trends. There is a simple version in the app on the “trends” page where you can view goals set by you or see usage by day, month, bill and year. You can change these to fit what your looking for.
If you want to track trends in other ways then you’ll have to use a computer instead of the app and use the data export option.

I push my data to pvoutput.org and this includes the voltage so i get voltage trends there. I dont know there is another way to see that.

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Agreed that this would be useful.

The voltage plot for each leg is very useful as well as the flicker and spikes that make it into the house. I’d like to know how “dirty” the power is coming in and if I have to put more surge protection and voltage regulation in to protect my devices. I’d also like an alert when something is going wrong on the feeder and maybe disconnect to wait out a storm (literally and figuratively).


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