Off the chart

My graphs are off the chart

i know this is not a useful reply at all, but i had to chuckle at your graph… wow… literally “off the charts” lol, I have not see this though my trend is usually dead on, or pretty close, surprised to see your guestimate that far off… New heavy load or something? I did notice you and I both have a $200 high limit, does this not scale up?

Thanks for the response. I thought it was kind of funny as well, hence the not so many words .
This is my latest graph after today:

Now already above the text “view detailed usage”
This is on desktop only, on sense app it looks more confined.

Few days into the new bill I hooked up my hybrid inverter with 20kWh usable batteries.
That hides a lot of the loads but the smart switches are still communicating with Sense unit.
So the values of the loads gets added, but the real energy is served from PV and/or battery power and doesn’t come from the grid.
So Sense is losing it …
Look at my stats this far:

1618 kWh to the grid
77.6 kWh from the grid
89% powered by PV
How can the bill indication be that high ?!
Sense magic…

According to the utility company:
Screenshot from 2022-10-08 18-51-23

I opened a ticket about hybrid inverters not being calculated right months ago and afaik they are still “looking into it”
Oh well.

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Screenshot from 2022-10-09 08-07-33

Opened ticket with support
Checked with browser on android:

One of the last graphs before my bill period is reset

Mine’s been doing the opposite - trending to zero, at least per the forecast.

Wondering if this is due to some weirdities of the data spawned from the issue on Oct 3. Will be interesting if our dashboards fix themselves (or not) in the next billing period.

Pretty sure my case is because of hybrid inverter setup.
Something Sense currently doesn’t know how to handle.

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One of the last days of my billing cycle
desktop browser:

mobile browser:

The last one of this billing cycle
The dot at the end is only 50% visible:

Curious when I will here something from Sense Support

we are waiting to see where that little guy goes…

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It is in hiding…

Like a real bug :wink:

Because the error has to do with Sense calculating the usage on the KASA smart plugs while IRL being powered by my hybrid inverter, AND the fact that KASA plugs are currently not being recognized , we now have the reverse situation:

It is now below the green line.

What I find interesting is that while you current bill kept going up to $380 it was still trending to $166.

If ‘trending to’ doesn’t actually represent what our monthly bill is expected to be based off our usage for the month thus far, what exactly is it tending to?

I’d much rather see a graph comparing current months usage to the previous months than this trendy trending thing.

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In a ticket I opened with support many months ago, I showed how the current way of measuring energy from Sense is 100% incompatible with the new trend of hybrid inverters.
And a lot of hybrid inverters (EG SOL-ARK) are installed as an alternative to Tesla Powerwalls atm in North America.

From Sense I got the standard reply “we will look into that” aka sidetracking the issue.
Any day now I will get my new bill from my utility and I will post a new thread about how for me the Sense gathered data is totally out of sync with reality (utility bill) and no longer usable since I installed a hybrid inverter.
Part of it is a technical reason that I understand, the other one is the approach how sense measures energy from/to the grid which imo is fine with oldschool grid tied solar, but is 100% unreliable when you put in a hybrid inverter in the equation.
Here is my new graph:

During the blue line KASA connection was down and the graph went under.
As soon as KASA reporting was restored (RED) the graph started deviating again above the line.
As I said, I will start a new thread when I get my new bill.

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Given this thread:

I checked with my sense:

Costs disabled:

Costs enabled:

Mega difference but still not following the line
I opened a ticket pointing to this thread.
Response from Sense: …

Lost it already

Sorry, did not see this thread earlier, but posted something similar here over a week ago.

What seems to be happening is that there is a confusion between dollars and kWh. If you disable “show cost”, it will graph kWh values on a “Dollar” y-axis. Quote: "If I enable “show cost” in the settings, it’s all in dollars and looks fine. If I disable “show cost” again in the settings, the problem comes back.

If “show cost” is disabled, there should not be any dollar axis. (The app is correct., the web interface not)


Not in my case, that is why I posted 2 screenshots.
First one is in kWh, second one is in $

These are screenshots of my app, first in kWh, second in $

Opened a ticket with Sense:
Last response from sense"

Anthony (Sense)

Oct 10, 2022, 10:39 EDT

Great thank you for re-confirming for the internal records. I will place this ticket on hold until engineering has a resolution.

Sense Customer Support

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