Trendline misplaced in browser app

Today I was looking at the trendline on PC/Chrome browser, and it seems to be in the wrong place, taking off to infinity and beyond. (Looks good in the app.)

A picture tells it best.

I am also not sure why it is trending to a dollar amount in the browser while on the phone app it is trending to a final kWh estimate. Was that always like that? (“Show cost” is not enabled in the settings). I prefer kWh.
Curiously, when I hover over the trendline in the browser, it shows me kWh.

For me, any dollar amount is pure fantasy because I typically overproduce (solar) and my bill is always zero.

After some more research, it really seems like a problem with the units.

If I enable “show cost” in the settings, it’s all in dollars and looks fine.
If I disable “show cost” again in the settings, the problem comes back.



Well, the problem is not really “solved”, just “identified”. :smiley:

It is up to the web developers to correct this bug that they recently introduced. Hopefully they are on it! I’ll check back next week.

Yeah, I wish there was a diagnosed checkbox.

Problem still exists as of today. Obviously, they seem to be applying kWh to the dollar axis for the black line, but correct units to the green area. The vertical axis should be kWh for all lines since I have “show cost” disabled (as already mentioned, this is correct in the app!).

Can we assume that the developers actually read this forum and are aware of the problem or do I need to file a direct bug report?