Usage & Trend Averages


A simple, but very useful addition to the trends view would be an average kWh number. Right now you can get a total usage & highest hour/day/month, but the number I most often use is the average kWh by hour/day/month. Especially when trying to figure out this month’s usage vs last month I end up doing the math every time to project out the rest of the month in order to have a comparison.

The highest day information is on the top left in the trends view. Perhaps the average daily could be in the top right?


Thanks for the suggestion, Barrett. This is something we’ve talked about and do have plans to add in the future!


It would be great if the same info (highest day) were available in the whole house Trends view as well, not just the device Trends view.


@ronlh42, when you’re in the Trends view, if you tap ‘Usage’ in the list, “Highest day” will appear above the bar graph.


Ah, yes, I see that now. Thanks.

The other data point I would like to see is peak watts (or amps) during any view period on each leg. This would help assess load balance vs capacity of CB panel.