Solar looks spot on for this past month!


Solar production. Just took reading for June (yea I know it is 7/2) and Sense showed my solar production at 1235 kwh, my inverters claim 1299 and my meter says 1280 if I add in the 37 kwh that Sense says was made yesterday and to right now today the numbers look like this:

Sense - 1272 99.375%
Inverter- 1299 101.484%
Meter - 1280
I would say they are all in perfect agreement within the slight error one would expect.


Last month I got rid of my SolarEdge wireless reader that came with the inverter - as others have mentioned it was reporting 5% over (one big reason I wanted a device like Sense). Now I have a much better idea of what my usage and production stats are - information I can use to help moderate our summer A/C usage. We’ve got about 2000kwh banked this year to work with…I think I’ll set the temps down to…68*? :wink:


Don’t do it, your body will never forget :blush: and you can’t get back!