Dryer smart plug

I don’t have solar,bi do have two Mitsubishi condensers I’d like accurate monitoring of though…

That’s interesting about charging your Energi. I see Amazon sells the HS110 for $100, but other Kasa smart plugs for under $20. I don’t see much difference in the specs, so will Sense recognize any Kasa plug?

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That’s an absurd price for the 110, perhaps because of all the confusion and misinformation about it going away. I’ve bought a half dozen of these, paying under $20 for the most expensive.

With Kasa apparently getting out of the sensor business, Sense absolutely needs to step up to the plate, both for plugins and for the long needed 240v wire in model. Otherwise, there is no solution for Sense’s inability to monitor many (actually most) devices in our homes.

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I thought it was rather high myself, but just found this one, mentioned in the posts, now available on Amazon: TP-Link KP115 Energy Monitoring Smart Plug, $34.78.

@teach-1, it’s expensive because it has been discontinued and the channel Inventory of HS110s have pretty much been exhausted. Only 3 models do power modeling, HS110, HS300, and the KP115. I’m gonna buy a KP115 as soon as available to see if it works like an HS110 out of the box.

KP115 is $24.xx on NewEgg https://www.newegg.com/p/12K-011J-00059?Description=TP-Link%20KP115&cm_re=TP-Link_KP115--12K-011J-00059--Product&quicklink=true

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Thanks andrei! Price is looking better :).

Has anyone actually confirmed this works with Sense?

We’re currently investigating compatibility and will have an update in the near feature.

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I was going to order a KP115 from Amazon just to test it, then send it back. If I share the results will Sense put me on their payroll? (Not entirely a TIC comment).

Sure, is it okay if I pay you in HS110’s?


I have been trying to make my flexible sensors connect to Sense but have been unable to do so. Sense isn’t helpful no doubt concerned about liability which I understand. However, I haven’t found an electrician in our area who knows anything about Sense and I am concerned that the additional cost even if I found someone would not be worth it. I will be returning these sensors to Sense.

That’s too bad, it didn’t work out for you. I’m just getting ready to do setup for my newish Flex Sensors for my two EV 240V lines. I actually installed the CTs myself - I’m getting a little bit more confident opening up my main panel, though I still wear the insulating gloves. But from what I read, I’m going to have to toggle each EV chargers off-on-off to complete setup. Gotta run down my batteries first.

Thanks for your kind reply. I also installed the CTs myself. I had previously been using The Energy Detective (TED) for almost 10 years. I tried to just monitor 1 Dedicated 240V circuit with one sensor on each wire but I never got the chime indicating Sense detected it. Then I tried to monitor 2 240V circuits with the same outcome. No one at Sense would even speculate why Sense wasn’t detecting the circuit(s) and there doesn’t seem to be any troubling shooting things to check on the site. Unfortunate. Good luck with your EV chargers. Stephen Hoff in Rhode Island

I also did not get a chime or anything. I followed the directions to the letter, there was no chime so I continued on and everything worked perfect. Don’t forget to enable the connected devices in the mobile app. Settings -.> MY Home -> Connected Devices ->Dedicated Circuit Monitoring.


Wow. I will try that tomorrow. Thanks!

I was going to make the same comment, even though I haven’t installed yet. No chime - I think the only time you hear a chime is the first time you power up Sense before configuring.

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I confirm also from my side, no chime after turning on Sense after Flex Sensor installation. Everything went through eventhough.

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Thanks so much for the tip. I wonder why it isn’t in Sense’s literature?

Your response was right on! I did a fair amount of searching and contacted Sense support but no one indicated and no literature indicated that failure to receive a chime/tone indicated failure to install the flexible sensors correctly. All I got was call an electrician.

I have 2 identical air conditioners and 2 identical air handlers. Sense identified my upstairs AC, but not my downstairs AC. I just now installed my 2 flexible sensors on my 2 AH and Sense identified 1 upstairs as a dedicated device, but not the one downstairs. Not sure why Sense is having such a hard time identifying my downstairs AC and my downstairs AH. Hopefully, Sense will find them soon.

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