Electrical Service Overload Alerts

I agree @eric2. I’ve been pushing for this elsewhere on the forum and think it’s an inevitable feature. I’m not sure what the rationale for not doing it is?

A per-Sense (vs per-Device) max watt alert.

I have a 100A panel and l could live on the edge of overload if I didn’t carefully craft the loads. If my remote main trips (which has happened a few times) and it’s overnight I have no way of resetting it until the following day (my meter is in a commercial space). That’s only happened once in 25 years but you can imagine how frustrating that is.

Mains do trip especially on big loaded panels. My panel only has 12 breakers but I’m all electric heat & hot water so it’s not always the case that a panel breaker overload will prevent the main from tripping.

I’ve actually used a Sense (temporarily) in a commercial setting (a restaurant) to troubleshoot overload issues, as outlined here.