Small commercial user implementation

I deployed a Sense temporarily in a small restaurant panel that had high consumption to the point of needing to potentially pull more service from the Utility (not 3 phase and sub-200A). It was extremely useful to demonstrate over a few days of “typical” usage that the existing service was adequate so saved the commercial tenant 10s of thousands. Of course you really need to use a calibrated Fluke monitor if you want to log things for Code purposes but I found the Sense very useful in recognizing devices with start-up current spikes and establishing a typical overall load. Given that often commercial kitchens will have multiple similar devices, I imagine long term reliable detection might be tricky but at least the devices are normally high-wattage so will be easily visible in the Power Meter. As far as detection goes, it’s probably a case of the more people use them commercially the better they will become? Right @RyanAtSense?

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