Remote sensors for 240V

As you say, @jlj.pers, it’s been requested elsewhere … but in the meantime (here I agree with @omsrobert) , assuming you don’t have Sense Solar CTs hooked to your solar inputs, you can get the separate Sense Solar CTs and plug them into your Sense monitor and track something like a 208/240V hot water tank … albeit with the associated screw up to your overall consumption stats.

Here’s a suggestion (to Sense): can the Solar input be made multi-modal in firmware? Doesn’t solve everyone’s problems but it would be fun. [The little sun symbols can be read as “hot(water)” or “sun’s out better switch on the AC”. lol]

My solution was to get another Sense monitor.
I justified it by using it for income-generating commercial troubleshooting.
I’ve had that one dedicated to my hot water circuit lately.
I did, however, just get the Solar CTs and added those to the second monitor so I have Sense#1 on the panel legs and Sense#2Mains on the hot water tank and Sense#2Solar on my AC unit! Hot & cold: I can work with the irony.
[Also assuages guilt because if I squint I can pretend I’m generating power with the AC :sweat_smile:]